7 Reasons to Consider Paid Social Media Advertising
7 reasons to consider paid social media
The number of active social media users will likely exceed 3 billion people by 2021. That's billions of people who willingly visit sites that show them advertising. That's such a monumental market that your business can't ignore it. 

The good news is that you can advertise on these sites regardless of your business size. Despite the size of the social media audience, you might question whether it's worth the effort.

Keep reading and we'll cover just some of the benefits of social media for business.

The Complete Guide to Chatbots in 2019
Companies across America are saving 29% on customer service, according to McKinsey consulting. Now, forward-thinking businesses are using online chatbots. The automated assistants increase customer engagement and boost sales.

IBM says that 65% of millennials prefer online support compared to live customer service. Increased accessibility has made it much more affordable for the average business to have one of these custom chatbots built and implemented into thier business. 
What You Don't Know About Retargeting Is Costing You
7 retargeting stats you want to know:

1. Customers who see retargeting ads are 70% more likely to convert on your Web site.  It almost always takes multiple touches to consummate a sale, lead, appointment etc. 

2. Conversion Rates INCREASE over time by 100+% with increased ad frequency. 
Business Marketing - How the Top Businesses are Growing While They Sleep
We are constantly watching how the best companies in the world and then testing them out ourselves. It’s interesting to see how the top-performing restaurants, bars, dentists, chiropractors, plastic surgeons etc, do things a little bit differently from the rest.  

Here are some strategies that they have implemented that you can use for your own business to build your customer database, lower your acquisition costs, and do it on autopilot.
17 Facebook Ad Hacks For The Small Business Owner
Here are some Facebook ad tips to help you get more results.  They are in no specific order of importance.

1. Use Canva to get the correct size image for your ads and or posts. Different objectives call for different size images.

2. Start using facebook messenger bots aren't the next big thing, they are big now!
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Websites have WAY too much going on which is why you're lucky to convert 1-3% of your website visitors.  
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